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From Each According to his Ability, To Each According to his Needs.

The labor industry around the world is shifting radically. Structural revolution driven by technology creates new forms of employment and occupation. Dissimilar skills and higher qualifications are required to complete productively in a challenging global labor market. Over the years, jobs that considered to be non-automated, are at extreme risk of being computerized in upcoming years. Facilitating workers with the ideal working condition is still one among the core objectives of involved organizations. Although, the latter is gradually encountering pressure from government, which is largely concerned about the liberalization of the labor industry, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and economic development. As a result, labor rights are more and more framed as a barrier to the accomplishment of growth-focused policies. The everyday problems of workers remain complex, and generating livelihoods for all is still a distant goal. 

On the whole, India‚Äôs labor strength of more than 500 million is coming across significant challenges. Currently, more than 90% of them are casually employed and in-formalization continues to grow. We at Samudayik Vikas Samiti,  believe in fair growth and development through social and economic welfare of labor, migrants, and women workers; and through cultural replenishment among deprived people.

The Samudayik Vikas Samiti involved in its work through association and enduring coalition-building, focusing on the rights of workers and underprivileged people. The charitable society works at the grassroots level  and works together with numerous Social Justice and Labor Rights organizations, to build up a grassroots model of unity based on the belief of respect, reciprocity and self-sufficiency.

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