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Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays a foundation for sustained growth but unfortunately about 800 million people across the world lack the basic reading and writing skills needed to accomplish simple tasks such as reading a medicine label or filling out a job application, costing the global economy more than $1.19 trillion a year, according to a new report, Economic and social cost of illiteracy

(a) The cost of illiteracy to the global economy is estimated at US $ 1.19 trillion

(b) 800 million people across the world lack the basic reading and writing skills
(c) Illiterate earn 30%-40% less than their literate counterparts
(d) Globally over 100 million children don’t go to school each day

The report looks at the cost of illiteracy in emerging and developing countries, as well as the cost of functional illiteracy in developed world. It reveals that globally, over one in five people can’t read or write and more than 100 million children don’t go to school each day. Study report of Samudayik Vikas Samiti said, no matter whether you live in the developed or developing world, poor illiteracy is running lives and is linked with an array of poor life outcomes, such as poverty, unemployment, social exclusion, crime and long term illness.

So Samudayik Vikas Samiti aimed to put in place a sustainable action plan to deal with the problem of illiteracy in slum area.

Samudayik Vikas Samiti’s operational areas are 10 slums in Delhi and some selected rural areas in Haryana. The best way to restore the lost dignity and honor is to give education to have-nots. As many children as possible are provided by this facility. They radiate joy in learning. They feel proud that they also have the opportunity to read and write and come to know the world. Pre-school centers are started with a vision of promoting the children for formal schooling, which will be helpful for the children in the slums and resettlement colonies in Delhi. Thousands of children are enrolled for pre schooling in the Balwadis managed by Samudayik Vikas Samiti.

Samudayik Vikas Samiti has prepared its own text book named “Teach for Better Tomorrow” which was scientifically designed to suit the overall integrated development of children. Teachers were imparted regular Training on various methods to make learning interesting and easy for kids. Regular teacher-parents meetings were held to discuss issue affecting children like health, nutrition, hygiene absenteeism, admission to formal schools...etc.

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